Our Approach

Web development moves at light speed.

It's important to stay ahead of the curve when you are in the business of the web. Today's hot new trend is tomorrow's old news. Many large scale development firms will only work off of a rigid specification which is outdated by the time the ink is dry. We take a different approach. Our approach is to build a strategic relationship with our clients and to move quickly as emerging trends, new initiatives, or technical challenges come to surface. It's our goal to build a relationship of trust and confidence so that our clients know if a new feature is needed, we can build first and ask questions later. It's the only way to stay in front of the ever-moving target that drives consumer preference and builds brand loyalty. Get there faster with e-laborative technologies.

The Agile Development Concept

We were doing agile development before it had a name. As founders of one of the salon industry's first unifying start-ups in the late 1990's we were bringing together manufacturers, distributors and salons - and we had to try many concepts and wireframe a lot of possible structures to find the best fit for the indsustry. This gave us experience in how to be adaptable, nimble, and lightweight - shifting from one design concept or structure to the next as needed to satisfy the changing needs of our principals, partners, and investors - while continually evolving our core product and making it work better. This would be impossible under a strict RFP-driven, scheduled-release, version-controlled environment. Instead we have mastered a system of fast, build to spec, test and deploy cycles based on loose wireframes, and in-progress reviews. We can act as you on-retainer development agency providing preferred rate development for ongoing projects to augment and improve the core technologies we provide.