New E-Laborative Branding & Website Launch

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We are proud to announce our new web site design and logo! This design features HTML 5 responsive layout and mobile friendly interfaces.This site is a work in progress, not all sections are completed. Please check back for more details. Thank you for visiting!

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WMS Service - Code Name: "5-Layer Red Velvet Cake" Launched

We have just launched an exciting and powerful new system for P&G dubbed the "5-Layer Red Velvet Cake". This delicious project was developed to give management personnel detailed insights into their regional resource allocation of Employees, Education and Sales Resources and Activities. Featuring next-generation mapping systems and powerful SQL queries, this system is an amazing and exciting new tool! It allows visualization of resources from individual zip codes, to metro areas, states or even multi-state regions. I set a new personal record for SQL, creating a single SQL statement with over 1200 lines of SQL DML and over a dozen UNIONS. Now thats what I call a SQL Query!

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