powerful management systems

Education Automation & Booking

Global scale education systems which bring together manufacturers, distributors and educators in a complex ecosystem that supports the industry's critical product education apparatus.

  • Role-Based Access for Admins, Coordinators, Distributors, Educators & Salons
  • Class Request Notifications & Status Updates
  • Fee and Expense Invoicing, Financial Reporting & Cost Tracking
  • Mileage Calculation & Distance Verification Features
  • Educator Scheduling, Proximity and Capability Features
  • Approval Processes and Budgeting Tools

Digital Ticketing & Conference Management

Offering sales of tickets direct to consumers to attend salon education, beauty shows, conferences and events nation wide. Print-on-demand and digital delivery drives customer satisfaction and QR-Code scanning enable fast and efficient check-in and attendance tracking.

  • Print Quality PDF Ticket Rendering with QR/Bar Coding
  • Integrates with Credit Processing Services (FirstData & Cybersource)
  • Class Information and Detailed Instructions
  • Easy Administrative Systems and Tools
  • Multiple Ticket Inventories and Prices per Event
  • Ticket Access Codes & On-Sale/Off-Sale Dates
  • Discount Codes & Voucher Systems
  • Event Check-In and Attenedee Tracking
  • Available in USA and Canada.
  • Canadian Event Cart with Advanced Taxation

International Loyalty / Affinity Programs

Reward customers with a catalog of available reward items, purchased with reward points. Features advanced catalog display interfaces, customer management, and order fulfillment systems. Business logic calculates awards based on sophisticated program rules.

  • Multi-Level account systems for points sharing & pooling.
  • Suggestive selling & cross selling features
  • Integration with DIgital Ticketing for points-based ticket purchasing
  • Powerful voucher system with receipt upload & tracking
  • Systems for selling physical goods, digital goods, services, and events
  • Vendor logins and multi-vendor carts
  • Available in USA and Canada.

Sales Analytics & Reporting Systems

Manufacturers utilize our systems to manage distributor relationships though direct reporting systems, to ensure up-to-date and relevant statistical analysis of distributor sales trends over multiple brands and across many analytical metrics. See annual, YTD and year-over-year sales by brand, by family, and by region. Currently supporting distributors in dozens of countries and over 30 foreign currencies.

Distribution, Fulfillment & E-Commerce Solutions

We have developed systems to enable distributors and large scale retailers to reach their customers in innovative new ways including sales force automation and custmoer-direct online ordering. Deal sheets, reward programs and interactive commerce solutions help drive powerful relationships that raise sales and drive repeat business. Digital content delivery, rights managed video, and other interactive content drives powerful commerce options.

Anti-Diversion Product Tracing Systems

The professional beauty industry relies on exclusivity of salon professional products in salon settings. The only way to ensure that your brand is being sold by authorized retailers, is to stop diverters who would water down your market appeal and place your products on the shelves of supermarkets and deep-discount sites. To combat diversion, we can help you develop powerful strategies to trace your products back to the point of sale and manage your distributor relationships effectively.

Content Management Systems

Self-managed brand portals and PR sites to keep the tap flowing with relevant content, offers, product announcements and support materials. Our content management systems are used by thousands of entities from salon-of-the-year recipients to chains, to publishers and world-leading beauty brands.

Photographic Branding and Design Services

We have developed libraries of original beauty imagery, offers, coupons, gift certificates, and feature rich library management strategies to license and share beautiful, trendy and exciting content across broad families of service and product providers.

Flexible and Scalable

World Class Hosting or Build & Deliver

We prefer to host our systems, but we understand that many industry leaders have significant capital investment in infrastructure and hosting services, as well as particular security and privacy compliance requirements. We can develop systems to be hosted on our world-class hosting environment or deliver fully built web-based data systems to be hosted on your internal server environments.

  • Micrsoft.NET
  • SQL Server
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Javascript
  • GIS/WMS/Leaflet
  • jQuery
  • React
  • Progressive Web App's (PWA)
  • Multimedia / Vector Animation
  • Game Design & Theory
  • Data Science / Machine Learning / AI
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM)
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Texting Systems (SMS)
  • Mobile Apps

Local-to-global scale systems

Whether you are seeking a regional solution to manage a localized distribution system or small chain, or you are a global leader seeking multi-language and multi-currency systems, we can provide powerful, secure and useful systems to meet your needs.

Our licensing options are meant to scale to fit your needs and our terms are flexible. We understand that business decisions in the corporate world don't always move at the pace of the web, but we are willing to work quickly and adaptively even when there are many decision makers who must reach consensus for initiatives to proceed. We take pride in understanding and accomodating your corporate culture and command structure.

Commited to Quality