Our Systems

The cutting edge is our wheel house.

We always strive to stay in front of the curve when it comes to technology. In an industry where obsolescense is an inevitability, we invest heavily in the fuure while relying on battle-tested systems that have been proven to work well and handle heavy loads. From our farm of muti-core, multi-processor virtualized servers and next-gen security appliances, to our toolbox full of responsive design skills, tricks, and languages, we use best-in-class appraches to bring you a perfect balance of power, reliability and design.

Hosting Environment

Our high-performance web servers are housed in a highly secure server facility in northern california featuring 24-hour monitoring, card key building access and biometric, european bank security. With redundent cooling and both battery and diesel power backup, our server facility gives other hosts server envy. The facility sits on a gigabit fiber optic line with dual entrance oc-12 fiber rings.

Technologies & Languages

Whatever your project, we will use the languages and development platforms that make sense for your goals. Our go-to foundational technology is is the time tested industry leader- Microsoft.net, SQL Server, on HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. However, we have also developed systems using a varienty of other languages and scripting methodologies including mobile app development and windows services and apps. We love cutting edge cross platform systems like PhoneGap that deliver high value cross copatible products at a fractyion of the cost of indiepentent platform development. We have built amazing Interactive Voice Response and SMS Texting systems using XML-Based speech recognition technologies. Need mapping? No problem, we know WMS Systems and emerging technologies like Leaflet. All of these technologies are built on secure, encryted and access controlled platforms to protect and isolate your critical business systems and data. No challenge is too great for our team of crack developers and IT specialists.