Sales Force Route Management Programs

Case Study - RouteMaster

A suite of interactive mapping tools to define sales routes, visualize territories, and improve sales force efficiency. Zoom and pan features offer users a familiar map navigation interface, with their entire territory of service locations at their fingertips.
  • Map zoom levels determine visualization features
  • See overall account counts by district, state, or territory state/country level
  • Zoom in to a state to see heat-mapped location concentrations
  • Zoom in to county/city to see account clusters
  • Zoom in to street level to see individual location pins and build routes
  • Define a start point to build a route to multiple daily service calls
  • Users may save private or shared route maps
  • Routes automatically re-order to minimize mileage
  • Find prospect accounts and other businiess types like copy services, coffee shops, gas stations along your routes

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