Education Automation Systems

Case Study - Wella NA Education

The Wella North America education booking system includes a range of tools for all parties related to education booking in the salon industry, including Locations, Sales Consutants, Educators, Managers, Coordinators and Admins. This highly effective tool allows the organization and management of a national workforce of educators with powerful tools to match educators with events and ensure smooth and efficient processing of trainings, product demos, seminars and shows.
  • Custom Tools for Every Party to an Event Booking
  • E-Mail and Cell-Phone Notifications of Bookings and Cancellations
  • Event Authorization and Pre-Approval Features
  • Complex Matching Logic Assigns Nearby Qualified Educators
  • Maintain Eduucator Schedules and Capability Matrices
  • Digital Invoice Generation and Expense Management
  • Contract Renewal & Document Management
  • Travel Agent Booking and Integrations
  • Effective Segmentation of Huge National Programs
  • Multi-Country, Multi-Language, Multi-Currency Support

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